Closing Out An Era

The last stated meeting of the 20th century

At the last stated meeting in 1999, Dec. 20th, to celebrate the end of an era, the Lodge was closed by the oldest past masters present. Unfortunately Carroll Long (WM-36/37) and John Haney (WM-52/53) were unable to attend.The principle offices were filled as follows. WM was Frank Smith (WM-50/51), SW was Jack Anderson (WM-53/54) and JW was O. K. Copeland (WM-70/71). It needs to be noted that Jack Smith ( WM-57/58) was prepared to come but did not, due to some last minute communication problems.

It was a lot of fun to close the Lodge this way but was a lot more fun working with the Past Masters to get them comfortable with the ritual.

Brothers Jack Anderson and O. K. Copeland were up to the task and needed no rehearsal.

A copy of this picture was placed in the minutes of the January 17th, 2000 meeting. It seemed only fitting to use the wisdom of age to close out an era.