A Masonic Poem

Utopia Found

There is a place that you can find
Where everyone is always kind,
Where everything is harmony,
Where every man is always free.

No politics are spoken there,
No arguments to rend the air,
Where smiles glow bright on every face,
A joyful and a friendly place.

A place where men can do good deeds
And share their lot with those with needs,
But still have fun in all they do
While being good and firm and true.

A place where God is still revered
And tyranny is never feared,
A place where virtues still are taught,
Where goodness is not sold or bought.

“A Shangri La?” you say to me,
“Why such a place can never be!”
Untrue, my friend, there’s one I know,
A place where good men often go.

And not just one, but many more,
Both here at home, on distant shore,
Thousands and thousands, I would guess;
There might be more, but never less.
They’ve been around hundreds of years,
These places where men need have no fears,

So now you ask, “Where do I go?”
All right, my friend, I’ll let you know.
Look for a sign with compasses and square,
Easily found, they’re most everywhere,
Just note the number and the street
To know where Masons go to meet.